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DanceFit Wear was born out of my passion for Brazilian dance. It all began when I started travelling to Brazil and got inspired by the colourful and fabulously feminine Brazilian fitness clothes. Brazil is known for its dance culture, so it is only natural that Brazil is trend-setting for dance and fitness clothes. 

I was struck by the elegance of Brazilian women  and their love of figure-hugging fabrics to emphasise  the female form. I also loved  the unusual cuts and colourful prints of the fitness clothes. 

Inspired by the fabulous dance and fitness wear that I saw in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo I decided to bring some Brazilian designs back to England for friends who wanted to keep cool while looking hot. I continue travelling to Rio and Sao Paulo to indulge my passion for dance and to source the latest trends in dance and fitness wear. I sell Brazilian dance and fitness clothes at many dance events in London and in Europe. 

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